About Bob

Bob White

“We come together to refocus our path, to be the highest form of healing that can occur.”

Bob White: ShamanThe shaman’s traditional role in many world cultures is to serve as a mediator between the people and the spiritual forces of the natural and spiritual worlds. I embrace this role through use of sacred instruments such as drums, rattles, crystal and Tibetan bowls, my voice, and more to open up the channels to potential expansion and transformation.

I was an apprentice to a Hawaiian Lono Priest and was “adopted” into those traditions and practices through sacred Hawaiian ceremony. I am an initiated shaman of the Hungarian Basca tradition. My strong connection with Native American indigenous shamanism provides a path for honoring those traditions as well. My goal is to provide a safe, supportive, sacred container for people to have their own individual experience, which ultimately allows for the most profound changes and healing.

I invite you to participate in the caring warmth and energy of my monthly journeys, shamanic classes, and weekend and extended retreats.


  • Blessings or Clearings for home and/or work spaces
  • Rites of Passage Ceremonies.
  • Individual Journeys