Events and Classes with Bob White . . .


February 10 — Shamanic Gathering Class
March 3 — Shamanic Gathering Class
April 7 – Shamanic Gathering Class
May 5 — Shamanic Gathering Class
June 2 — Shamanic Gathering Class

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Types of Classes

A Shamanic Journey (as facilitated by Bob) creates a safe container in which sound vibration expands our consciousness and invites healing on the spiritual, physical, and energetic levels. It can be an opportunity to meet our spiritual guides and teachers. Bob uses sacred instruments such as drums, rattles crystal and Tibetan bowls, his voice and more to open up the channels to potential expansion and transformation. This can be done with a group or individual sessions.

Shamanic Beach Retreat allows for a chance to go deeper into the layers of self discovery and healing for all levels of experience. Being together as a group creates a bond of trust and support that helps us all move forward into the aspects of the journey The workshop is held in an atmosphere of spiritual goals, personal transformation, sharing and joy. There are usually 4 journeys throughout the weekend. It is usually held at a home at the coast that is big enough to accommodate up to 12 people.

Shamanic Retreat Hawaii: This 2 week retreat is a dedicated space for learning, healing, expansion, dreaming, celebrating and so much more. We generally stay in the same household. This allows us to create a deep bond of trust, sharing love and community support. It is within this environment that you can go incredible depths of exploration and transformation and breathe in those moments of profound grace and awareness. There is a journey almost every day. There is also dedicated time to head out on your own or with others to play in the waters and discover the island treasures. We often do at least one dolphin /whale trip. There is usually snorkeling daily and relaxing to the beat of your own drum.

Shamanic Gathering Class: Bob shares his experience and knowledge to create an experiential hands‐on class. It delves deeper into many of the meanings behind vibration and its effects on us, learning to drum to your own beat, finding your own voice, and awakening the Shaman that is within you. Sessions include journeying collectively and time for individual table work as well

Embodying Your Shamanic Practice is a class that includes special focus on how to integrate shamanic practices into bodywork or energy sessions. Contact Bob about CEUs for this and other classes.

Shamanic Celebrations: Equinoxes, Solstices, New Years. Generally on or near the equinoxes there is a beach retreat. (See above definition). On or near the Solstices we find a place to hold a journey and a celebration. In the summer we look for places where we can potentially have a potluck with a bonfire after the journey and welcome in the light of summer. For winter, it is gratitude for healing and a time for quite hibernation of new ideas and goals that are being digested or formed and a coming out of the darkness.

New Years: Traditionally we find a space and welcome in the year by setting positive intentions and releasing that which no longer serves us. Bob will do a journey and then we all participate with drums, rattles or voices and celebrate. Some beverages (non-alcoholic) and snacks are usually provided after the event.

Bob does many individual ceremonies including but not limited to:

  • Blessings or Clearings for home and/or work spaces
  • Rites of Passage Ceremonies.
  • Individual Journeys