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Shamanic Gathering Class

January 6
  Feb 10( 2nd Sat. this month only )
March 3
April 7
May 5
June 2

Time: 9am to 1pm
Cost: $50

(contact here for more information)

You are invited to an opportunity to go deeper in your Shamanic work.
This is a path of the Heart and the unknown.

It has been a time of many changes and shifts.
The Shamanic path is a way to receive guidance and support.
We will be working with our power animals guides and spirit helpers.
There have been new shifts in the Cosmos both internal and external.
The class will include journeying collectively and time for individual table work as well.
You may be invited to lead and share part of your areas of expertise.
This is a place where we support our own leadership and that of others.

Those with more experience will be in a role of example and holding space.
This is a place to be open and curious. The opportunity may present itself in a way we don’t expect.
This is a time to open our eyes and our hearts and help one another along the path.
Are you ready to explore your inner guidance with more trust, find your voice, your truth?

Please RSVP with an email or call
bobwhite[at] / 503-222-3565