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Weekend Retreat

Multi-day non-residential retreat in Portland.

September 29 – October 1,  2017

Friday: Gather at 5:45 pm.
Saturday: Gather at 9 am. Day ends with a fire ceremony, followed by a pot-luck dinner.
Sunday: Gather at 9 am for a healing circle, complete by mid-day.

What to bring:
Your lunch for Saturday
Contribution for Saturday dinner (please contact to coordinate)
A drum and/or rattle (we have plenty to share)
A journal and pen
Your curiosity, and open heart
Your sacred blanket
Objects for the altar

(contact Bob here for more information)

Embody your Shamanic practice and Dive Deeply Into Your Heart .

Shamanic Gathering Class

May 13 (2nd Saturday)
June 3
no gathering in July
August 5
September 2
October 7

Time: 9am to 1pm
Cost: $50

(contact here for more information)

You are invited to an opportunity to go deeper in your Shamanic work.
This is a path of the Heart and the unknown.

It has been a time of many changes and shifts.
The Shamanic path is a way to receive guidance and support.
We will be working with our power animals guides and spirit helpers.
There have been new shifts in the Cosmos both internal and external.
The class will include journeying collectively and time for individual table work as well.
You may be invited to lead and share part of your areas of expertise.
This is a place where we support our own leadership and that of others.

Those with more experience will be in a role of example and holding space.
This is a place to be open and curious. The opportunity may present itself in a way we don’t expect.
This is a time to open our eyes and our hearts and help one another along the path.
Are you ready to explore your inner guidance with more trust, find your voice, your truth?

Embodying Your Shamanic Practice

January 28, 2017
February 18

Time: 9am to 4pm
Cost: $95.00 for each class, or $175 for both classes

(contact here for more information)

These classes are designed for the practitioner to gain experience in the role of healer
and to discover their own tools and talents.
Students will learn some aspects of shamanism in general, and applications of Shamanic healing in particular.

The human psyche is full of archetypes which have been used by shamans since
the beginning of time to gain access to the spirit world.
In the west, archetypes have also become a part of the human potential movement.
Bob will share knowledge gleaned from his shamanic teachers
as well as his own experiences as a shamanic healer and teacher.
Participants will learn to discover their own “inner shaman”.
The courses will include a special focus on how to integrate some simple practices into bodywork or energy sessions.

Please RSVP with an email or call
bobwhite[at] / 503-222-3565