The Journey

A Shamanic Journey with Bob White

  • Definition: Expanding consciousness, shifting consciousness, and personal transformation.

  • Shamanism is the technology of the sacred. Some of the methods used include fasting, sleep deprivation, exhaustion, deep breathing techniques, and temperature extremes, as in sweat lodges. Often incorporated is chanting with ritual drumming, toning, rattling, and prayer. Drumming especially is an instrument used throughout the ages to bring in the sacred.

  • Intentionally expanding ones awareness can be used as a tool. This triggers the mental circuit internally and we can receive information in that state. The expansion process improves with practice and allows us to ascend to a higher luminary level where we can connect with the spirit world personally and collectively if we choose.

  • The ancients knew the secret of using helpers, known as Spirit Guides, to connect to the ancestors, ascended masters, angelic forms, animal totems and the elementals. They were the bridge or channel between realities. We can have the direct path of the mystic through these same methods. Children with imaginary friends are very close to this dimension; we are merely reactivating this ability.

  • Shamanism is not a religion rather it is inclusive and supportive of all faiths. It is a spiritual method using techniques that allow us to activate the journeying program that is already within us. All the religions refer to the God within us that can become apparent we search inward. All of us are descended form tribal peoples if we searching back far enough.

  • Modern Shamanism embraces individual spirituality and sovereignty. Journeying is the direct path of the mystic. All or most of us have had some form of religious background. Journeying is a way to directly experience the mysteries. We become our own teacher, priest, priestess, or prophet.

  • Soul retrieval is a linking with the spirit helpers to recover lost soul parts that have been separated by a trauma or an accident. Symptoms can be; inability to love, apathy, lack of joy, addictions, despair or depression. I teach the individual to travel for themselves, while I hold space for them.

Embarking on the Journey

  • The journey begins with the opening of the portal to the Sacred Realms. This is the beginning or catalyst to your spiritual; adventure, leading you to find your own personal power and healing in the inner worlds.

  • Staring with sounds and vibrations we expand the awareness both physically and energetically. The beginning frequencies are the same as the wave similar to meditating or yoga.

  • Being relaxed and lying down is preferable. Lighten the body with a few clearing breaths. Instruct your subconscious to open the inner doorway. The portal to the spirit world is right there where it has always been.

  • To some degree, the Shaman is always aware of their physical surroundings. You’ll hear the sounds that carry you and you will never be lost.

  • Invocations are always a must. I constantly ask for guidance and protection. I am very selective as to receiving only the highest vibration levels. Invoking your guides assures your path to the light and sacred levels. I encourage you to offer your profound gratitude in advance, as well as respect for what you are about to receive.

  • Spiritual work cannot be done in a state of fear. Set your intention and protection, then let go and relax.

  • The memories of the journeys can be useful by sharing with the group and are often related to each other, or writing them in a journal for future reference.

  • During the actual experience, come travelers hear in their minds, some feel it in their body, some have actual exquisite pictures, often relating to others in the group or in their own lives.

Possible Places to Visit

  • Traditional Shamans teach of the three levels of Reality.

  • Upper worlds are places of our oversouls or higher selves. Spiritual teacher of all religions reside here. Sacred dimensions. God, Goddesses. And angelic levels are all on this plane.

  • Lower worlds are of nature and earth energies. The spirits of animals, plants, and elementals are some the primary forces here. I also include the four directions: from the East is air, from the South is water, from the West is Fire and from the North is earth (and the ancestors).

  • To access the lower world some visualize an earth opening, a tunnel, or a tube. Another good image to use is the great tree of life, with the branches in Father Sky and the roots deep in the Mother Earth.

  • The middle world is the ordinary reality in an expanded sense. To dream while we are awake, to be in an altered state, to soften the edges and see through our peripheral vision, allows us to gather more information from all these places. Our ancestors may live in these dimensions. Several of my teachers talked to their ancestors or their guides as if they were standing beside them – it can be quite comforting really.

  • One of these spirits may agree to come into a relationship with you as a spirit guide, allowing you to connect with the energy that infuses everything, everywhere with the vitality and life force